Tattoo parlor inspection records yield insight

Jennifer L. Boen of The News-Sentinel reviewed five years of tattoo parlor inspections in Fort Wayne, Ind., and found that, while most infractions were innocuous, some posed a public health threat (more on infractions here). But, Boen found, the danger of the growing number of licensed tattoo parlors was far eclipsed by the peril of unregulated home businesses.

“Don’t ever go to a tattoo party in someone’s house or garage or in the back of a bar,” said Schumm, assistant director of Food and Consumer Protection Division for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department. “The No.1 problem is the illegal operators operating out of a home.”

Boen also looked into tattoo removal, a process which may require dozens of expensive and painful treatments.


A $200,000 provision in the proposed 2009 spending bill would help a Southern California hospital purchase tattoo-removal equipment. The proposal has been attacked as pork-barrel spending, but proponents say the equipment would allow the hospital to expand a program through which they remove gang-related tattoos and the stigma that sometimes accompanies them and help patients transition into the workforce.

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