Federal document provides info, ideas in 20 areas

AHCJ member Eileen Beal suggests that people doing social service writing might be interested in the federal government’s Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. The comprehensive 2,205-page list of federal assistance programs covers 20 broad categories, including health, food and nutrition, and science and technology.

Every level of federal assistance, from the state-level subsidies to individual grants, is included. Journalists can find lists of new or discontinued programs as well as descriptions of each. For example, the federal government is no longer funding “Project Grants for Facilities to Improve the Health Status of Minority Populations” or “Child Care Provider Loan Forgiveness Demonstration.”

It’s a fantastic place to find out things like what are ‘Public Awareness Campaigns on Embryo Adoption’ and why was $1.5 million spent on them in 2007? Once you learn to navigate the epic document, it becomes a convenient place to find, for example, funding, requirements, budgets and more for every Health and Human Services benefit program.

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