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Verghese offers commentary on healing, even when he can’t cure #ahcj15

Joanne Silberner

About Joanne Silberner

Joanne Silberner (@jsilberner) is a freelance reporter and artist-in-residence at the University of Washington in Seattle. For 18 years, she covered health issues for NPR. She is attending Health Journalism 2015 as an AHCJ-Academic Health Journalism Fellow.

Photo: Kris Hickman/AHCJAbraham Verghese

Photo: Kris Hickman/AHCJAbraham Verghese talked about the healing power of personal attention and bedside medicine.

I used to be a Verghese virgin. I’d dipped into some of the Stanford physician’s New Yorker stories and read a few of his book reviews, but I hadn’t curled up with his nonfiction books that deal with medical care –“My Own Country” or “The Tennis Partner” – or, for that matter, his novels.

So I came to his speech on Thursday night at the Health Journalism 2015 kickoff session not knowing what to expect. Continue reading