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New guidelines may encourage use of low-cost, painless dental treatment

A treatment that offers a painless, minimally-invasive alternative to drilling and filling teeth has gotten a boost from a prominent children’s dental organization.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) has issued new guidelines for the use of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) for treating tooth decay in children and adolescents. Continue reading

Treatment offers an alternative to ‘drill and fill’

Photo: Jan Fidler via Flickr

Photo: Jan Fidler via Flickr

A study presented this summer at an international dental conference has added to growing evidence that topical applications of silver diamine fluoride can serve as an effective treatment for tooth decay.

The paper, presented at the meeting of the International Association of Dental Research in South Korea, concluded that annual application the compound stopped the progress of root decay among community-dwelling elders living in Hong Kong. Continue reading

‘Freezing’ cavities a potential alternative to ‘drill-and-fill’

Photo: Barbara Haddock Taylor/Baltimore SunHeather and Eli Powell

Photo: Barbara Haddock Taylor/Baltimore SunHeather and Eli Powell

A routine dental checkup for a Baltimore 4-year-old turned into a health care odyssey for his mother.

It all began when a dentist told Heather Powell that her son Eli had several cavities, and would need to go under general anesthesia to have eight crowns placed on his back teeth. Continue reading