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N.J. officials ask attorney general to investigate Horizon’s new tiered insurance network

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Hospital administrators in New Jersey have asked state officials to intervene in a disagreement over a proposed tiered network of hospitals and doctors.

During an all-day meeting Oct. 5 in Trenton, state officials asked acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman to stop the plan from being launched this fall while legislators review the details.

Anjalee Khemlani of NJBiz reported on Oct. 6 that Nia Gill, chairwoman of the state Senate Commerce committee, wants Hoffman to investigate whether Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield violated antitrust laws when it established the network. Continue reading

Even with ACA, ‘insured’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘accessible’

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water-wordle-transparencyElisabeth Rosenthal’s latest piece on the craziness of our health care pricing looks at affordability of health care for people covered by the Affordable Care Act.

For people purchasing insurance, premiums are only part of the cost, although they are what many consumers focus on when they choose a plan. There are also deductibles, co-pays, and different rules for in-network and out-of-network care. For people covered by ACA exchange plans, costs can mount, big time, and it can be very confusing for patients to figure out what they are being or will be charged. Continue reading