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Survey: Older patients like, want medical homes

Image by homesower via flickr.

Image by homesower via flickr.

Older patients like the kind of team care delivered in medical homes and most of those who get this care say it is actually improving their health, according to a new survey released today by the John A. Hartford Foundation. A representative sample of 1,107 adults aged 65 and older were asked about their experiences with patient-centered medical homes show that relatively few patients receive team care but more want it; and those who have experience with it like it and believe it improves health status.

Even among older adults not receiving this type of care, 61 percent say they believe team care would improve their health, and 73 percent would want this type of care, the survey found.

“The weakness of care coordination in our health care system represents a clear and present danger to many older patients, causing avoidable harm, errors, complications, overtreatment, and hospital readmissions,” said Christopher Langston, Ph.D., program director of the John A. Hartford Foundation. Continue reading