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A sampling of perspectives on Brill’s take on health reform

I’m sure a lot of you have Steven Brill’s “America’s Bitter Pill” on your bedside table by now – I’m not going to try to recap it here.

But I did want to share a few links to some of the more thoughtful (or provocative) articles and reviews, representing critics on both the left and right. I also wanted to draw your attention to another recent book providing a conservative perspective on health reform. Continue reading

Health costs, reform high on state legislatures’ lists

The National Conference of State Legislatures compiles an annual list of issues it predicts will dominate the year’s legislative sessions. Number four on the “Top 9 issues of ’09” was “health costs and reform.”

The NCSL says state budget gaps, rising health care costs and growing unemployment are coming together for some turbulent times.

“Health costs keep rising at the same time that state budgets are in trouble. An immediate challenge for states in 2009 will be to maintain and retool current health programs, especially Medicaid and diverse programs aimed at covering the uninsured. As the numbers of unemployed increase, Medicaid rolls will grow.”

See what other predictions the NCSL has about health care in individual states.