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Researchers see potential for teledentistry to address disparities in care

Photo: Matt Madd via Flickr

Telehealth technologies are on the rise, connecting patients and providers, and expanding access to crucial health services that can be scarce and sometimes difficult to reach. Thanks to digital innovations, high-risk infants and stroke patients are receiving specialty care remotely. People coping with anxiety and depression are benefiting from therapist-supported internet cognitive behavioral therapy.

In the field of oral health, teledentistry is proving increasingly useful too, according to the December issue of Health Affairs that explored the transformative potential of telehealth technologies. Continue reading

Dental chain in spotlight after child’s death, separate settlement in fraudulent billing case

In Arizona, relatives of 2-year-old Zion Jay Gastelum are trying to find out why the toddler died after a recent dental appointment.

Zion’s parents took him to a Kool Smiles dental clinic on Dec. 16 for a crown and filling, according to an uncle, who spoke to KNXV-Phoenix.

“Somehow either during or after the process, it appears Zion stopped breathing,” reporter Mike Pelton noted in his Jan. 5 story. Continue reading

Uncertain outlook for pediatric dental benefits in a post-ACA world

Oral health advocates are closely watching Capitol Hill.

Many are worried about the future of children’s dental benefits under proposed Republican plans to repeal or replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Continue reading

Texas child’s death during dental surgery reawakens ‘deadly dentistry’ debate

Daisy Lynn Torres

Daisy Lynn Torres

Several months after its seven-part Deadly Dentistry series, the Dallas Morning News is following the case of another child left dead after a dental visit.

Daisy Lynn Torres suffered complications from anesthesia while undergoing a procedure at an Austin dental office last spring, a medical examiner recently concluded. Now the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners has opened an investigation into the death of the 14-month old girl, Tom Steele reported July 15.

“Daisy went to Austin Children’s Dentistry on March 29 to have two cavities filled and was placed under general anesthesia,” Steele told readers. “A short time later she went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to a hospital where she died.” Continue reading

Don’t forget about oral health when reporting on the latest dietary guidelines

Photo: Ana Ulin via Flickr

Photo: Ana Ulin via Flickr

Every five years, the federal government comes out with a new edition of its dietary guidelines. The official nutritional recommendations help shape America’s school lunch menus, influence grocery shopping trends, and of course, generate a flurry of news coverage.

The big question for reporters – and their readers, listeners and viewers is always “what’s new?” Continue reading