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Actuaries’ analysis of ACA alternatives can inform news coverage

Joanne Kenen

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Joanne Kenen, (@JoanneKenen) the health editor at Politico, is AHCJ’s topic leader on health reform and curates related material at healthjournalism.org. She welcomes questions and suggestions on health reform resources and tip sheets at joanne@healthjournalism.org. Follow her on Facebook.

Photo: Andy via Flickr

Photo: Andy via Flickr

For those of us deluged with analyses and opinions from the left and the right over replacements for the Affordable Care Act – the actuarial cavalry has arrived.

The American Academy of Actuaries has released three papers analyzing long-time conservative ideas about health reform. These alternatives – high-risk pools, selling insurance across state lines, and association health plans (AHPs) – are playing a high-profile role in the debate over ACA “repeal and replace.” Continue reading