Announcing the Pia Christensen Conference Assistance Scholarship

Ernie and Pia

Pia Christensen with her horse Ernie. (Photo courtesy of the Christensen family.)

Due to overwhelming response, we have closed the application for the Pia Christensen Conference Assistance Scholarship for Health Journalism 2022.

As many of our members may know, AHCJ lost a friend and colleague, Pia Christensen, to cancer at age 50 in May 2021. Pia served as managing editor/online services for 15 years and was part of the Missouri School of Journalism staff for 20 years.

Pia was especially enthusiastic about AHCJ’s annual conference and would have been very supportive of any effort making it easier for people to attend. In the past, AHCJ has been able to offer a limited amount of travel assistance aside from our formal fellowship programs for those members who might need some help with costs.

This year, AHCJ will offer a conference assistance scholarship in Pia’s name to memorialize her contributions to AHCJ.

Conference Assistance Scholarships are available to help defray some — but not all — associated expenses for members interested in attending AHCJ events. If you need some financial assistance to attend one of our events, you may apply for a conference assistance scholarship. Please complete the form, including a brief statement of what type of assistance is needed and why, and submit it to AHCJ by noon CT on April 8, 2022.

If you have received a fellowship or are attending the event in some capacity that has already provided for some assistance (speaker, panelist, PitchFest editor, etc.), you are unlikely to be eligible to receive additional funding. If financial assistance is offered, we will confirm your acceptance and follow up with you by email.

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