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The new year is off to a swift start at the Freelance Center. I have added four new market guides and a tip sheet. As always, I encourage freelance members to email me with suggestions for Freelance Center content. The latest market guides are for the following publications:


Medical innovation is the heart of Leaps’ coverage. The nonprofit’s articles range in length from 750 to 1,500 words, and the fee is $1 per word, slightly more for experienced, award-winning writers. “A new drug for some disease wouldn’t be a big enough deal for us to cover, but if it represented a whole new approach, or revealed a way to treat something that was previously untreatable or had something really notable like that, then we would probably be interested in it,” Editor-in-Chief Kira Peikoff said. Articles should have a relatable human element, such as a patient’s or researcher’s story.

MedPage Today

This digital news outlet negotiates fees based on the nature of the article and the experience of the writer. Articles range in length from 800 to 1,000 words. The target audience is physicians and other health professionals such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. “We are looking for articles that impact the daily practice of medicine,” said Joyce Frieden, MedPage Today Washington editor and AHCJ board member.


This publisher of science research and news pays a minimum of $0.75 a word for online stories, going up to $1 a word or more for its regular writers. Fees for print stories start at $1.25 per word. Writers are paid for the length of the final product. As a writer whose work is usually lengthened and not shortened during the editing process, I am in favor of that policy. Others may disagree. “We’re looking for outside-the-ordinary stories that are not being covered by everyone,” Managing News Editor JohnTravis said. Narrative features are becoming more common in Science, but the stories are told less from a patient perspective and more from a scientist’s perspective.


This digital publisher of consumer health and medical content offers a range of assignments. They include medical reference articles, features, breaking news and in-depth enterprise stories. Fees are somewhere south of $1 per word, depending on the category. “Editors understand that it can take time to master WebMD’s particular tone and style, and we are patient with new recruits. We also appreciate good attitudes and a willingness to learn,” Managing Editor Kyung Song said.

Please visit the Freelance Center for the full market guides and other helpful information for freelance members.

Independent writer and award-winning journalist Jen A. Miller wrote the latest tip sheet, “How to expand into niche publications.” It echoes points that Miller made in December’s popular webcast about writing for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) publications. “You probably already know of at least one B2C publication. After all, the airline magazine in your seat back pocket is one, and Costco Connection is always an in-demand meeting at AHCJ’s PitchFest,” wrote Miller in the tip sheet. “But the B2C market is much broader than travel or box store-related magazines.”

Check out the full tip sheet for Miller’s complete list of practical tips for expanding your business.

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