Afghan media workers in peril as U.S. withdraws; IFJ and others raising money to help

The Association of Health Care Journalists has been watching the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan over the past several weeks with great concern for the Afghan people and particularly our fellow journalists and media workers. 

Along with major news organizations that have employed local journalists and based their U.S. staffers in Afghanistan, a number of organizations are working to evacuate journalists from this dangerous situation.

One of them is the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), which has a fund to help remove journalists from deadly situations. IFJ is one of 50 organizations that has asked the G7 to support the safe removal of Afghan media workers from the country and ease their entry into countries of refuge.

Because we care about journalism and journalists all over the world, we want our members to be aware that there are ways to help Afghan media workers and their families as the Aug. 31 deadline for a complete U.S. military withdrawal nears. We know you’re watching, too, and perhaps wondering how to help.

IFJ’s fund is one of those ways, but you may also want to be aware of efforts in the cities where you live. Search the hashtag #AfghanistanHelp on Twitter for other ideas about how to help.

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