Spotlight Q&A with member Sonia Narang, multimedia journalist

Sonia Narang, multimedia journalist, contributor to local NPR affiliates and PRI’s “The World”

Where are you from/how far did you travel?

I’m from Los Angeles and I had to travel all day, so I don’t know how many miles that was … It took me nine hours to get here.

Is this your first AHCJ conference?


Are you a fellow?

I am a California fellow.

What are you looking forward to at the conference?

Well one session that I was looking forward to, which has just passed, was the podcasting session. As a multimedia and radio journalist, I have a very different approach to doing things. You know I do shorter form, so I’m interested in figuring out how to tell stories in longer form and how to build in deeper character narratives.

What are you looking forward to do in Baltimore?

The Orioles game. I was just excited that I could see the stadium from the venue.

What draws you to health journalism?

So, there are a few things. Number one, the global health situation was what I first started covering. When I was traveling internationally, I found that health was on the minds of so many people, and I realized this is not an issue that affects just women and children in Nepal and India where I was doing a lot of reporting, but also in my own backyard in Los Angeles. So I wanted to really get to the challenges that people were facing, especially women and children and minorities. And then I was also drawn to looking at solutions. So not just ‘these are the terrible things that are affecting people healthwise,’ but ‘here are some innovative ways that people, organizations, policies are tackling health challenges.’

What do you think is the biggest asset of AHCJ?

I think for me being part of a network is huge. Because I am an independent journalist, it’s really nice to have this new network that I can draw upon.

What’s your favorite book?

“Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

Who/what do you think everyone should be reading?

It’s bad because I’m a journalist, and I’m going to recommend a movie, which is actually based on a book. Which is not what you’re supposed to do; you’re supposed to read the book, and then watch the movie. But I just watched “The Hate U Give,” which is the story of a young African-American teenager in private school and her really upfront experience with police brutality.

What’s your favorite pet?

It’s a bunny rabbit. A lop-eared bunny. And my favorite pet on Instagram is @bailey_bunny.

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