Vulnerable seniors are going without vaccinations

Eileen Beal

In the United States, far too many people – including many older adults – don’t get the vaccines they need to prevent getting and spreading preventable diseases.  In a recent CDC press release, Director Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H, says many people think “that infectious diseases are over in the industrialized world.”

However, global travel and trade can spread diseases quickly, leaving seniors vulnerable to infection. Here, Eileen Beal discusses the risks of not being vaccinated and the reasons seniors aren’t getting vaccinations, and also provides resources for people looking for more information on vaccines.

2 thoughts on “Vulnerable seniors are going without vaccinations

  1. Avatar photoKathleen Blanchard

    The seniors I work with don’t want their vaccines for several reasons. I think some fear them. The ‘anti-vaccine’ groups have influenced them. They also insist they take flu vaccines and get sick. There is a lot that could be further explored. The flu vaccine is the most often shunned I’ve found.

  2. Avatar photoKathleen Blanchard

    I forgot to add that shingles vaccine is mentioned as covered but for many the co pay is too costly. And yes, physicians are not promoting. I always ask my ‘patients’ what their doctor has said to them about their vaccines and it is usually that it has not been discussed. Some have told me their doctors don’t think much of the flu vaccine either for protection. I understand why as a nurse, but it is contrary to widespread recommendations, of course.

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