Snapshots from #ahcj13 | Yvonne Valdez

Yvonne Valdez, copy editor/health writer, El Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.:

What brought you to the AHCJ conference?
The desire of getting more and more training on health issues, in order to inform better our growing Hispanic community in South Florida. The need of having more info on health reform, there is little to none specifics about it, at least in the Sunshine State!

Which has been one of your favorite panels … and why?
Health reform, the one with the governor of Massachusetts  Because he explained in a good and simple way what was working for this state and how people and public health in general can benefit from having health insurance.

What are you taking from the conference?
More knowledge, many story ideas, the energy shared by many in terms of willing to help out with good health articles, the grace of having met many colleagues from all USA. And I was happy to see also the presence of many Hispanic journalists. And how we all want to learn and succeed in helping out our communities.

Are you planning any sightseeing while in Boston?
I have done it already! I am lucky enough to have a friend from the university I studied at living here, and she made me literally “spin” around Boston in a couple of nights. I especially enjoyed the opportunity of going to Harvard University. I hope though tonight I have the opportunity of going out with a group of new friends I have met here at the conference.

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