Snapshots from #ahcj13 | Lisa Eramo

Lisa Eramo, independent journalist, Cranston, R.I.:

What sessions have you enjoyed the most so far?
All of the freelance ones have been really helpful just in terms of what to do and not do when pitching publications. A lot of it I already knew but it was really good to hear it again, to be reminded. I [also] really enjoyed a session about finding a narrative in complex medical topics. 

What was the best tip you learned in that session?
Think about where you start the story. I thought that was really interesting because the setting can really grab the reader or distance them. So like starting it in the ICU in a hospital setting, a very formal setting, versus starting it in someone’s living room, when they’re talking about their illness. 

I know you didn’t come from very far away to go to the conference. Are you doing any sightseeing while you’re in Boston?
No sightseeing. I drove. I’m going back and forth. So I got stuck in traffic.

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