Tip sheet offers guidance for covering hospice, palliative care

As 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, Medicare spending will skyrocket. About 30 percent of Medicare’s costs are for care in the last year of life. Research has shown that many people nearing the end of life are not informed of their treatment options and their doctors are unaware of their preferences for treatment, which contributes to a lower quality of life at the end of life.

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Author and editor Rosemary Gibson has written a guide for AHCJ members that explains hospice and palliative care, the differences in the two, highlights the most recent research, lays out developments and trends for reporters to look for and provides a list of sources and contact information.

Every family is touched by the end of life of a loved one. Every reporter who covers Medicare policy and health and aging issues will want to know about hospice and palliative care.

The tip sheet is just one of dozens AHCJ offers in its special “Aging” core topic area of healthjournalism.org.

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