Officials were a no-show for panel on government transparency, science news

Six journalists and an empty chair gathered at the National Press Club yesterday for a discussion about whether the Obama administration has lived up to early promises of openness and transparency in science news.


Photo by via Flickr

Despite multiple invitations from Curtis Brainard, science editor for the Columbia Journalism Review, the chair designated for a representative from the Obama administration remained empty. It was symbolic of the relationship reporters say they have with many public information officers in the government.

We are hoping for an archived version of the webcast but, in the meantime, this Storified collection of tweets hits the high points, with suggestions for journalists and those working in government to improve the relationship.

The panel, which included AHCJ board member Felice Freyer, was cosponsored by the National Press Club, Columbia Journalism Review, Society of Environmental Journalists and Reporters Without Borders.

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