Researchers examine long-term effects of vitamins, vaccines on children’s immune systems

For a 40-minute documentary broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and produced by Anthony Baxter, reporter Richard Phinney visited a small, long-running public health outpost in Guinea Bissau where a team of Danish and African researchers has studied the long-term effects of vaccines and vitamin supplements on the immune systems of children. The team has published reams of research and influenced WHO policy, but Phinney focuses on what he calls their most “explosive” findings.

They show that the world’s most commonly used vaccines can strengthen – or weaken – a child’s immune system in the long term, and affect their ability to fight off disease. The results directly challenge the WHO’s global health advice, followed by most countries in the developing world, and could mean that thousands of young lives, in Africa and beyond, are needlessly at risk.

Programming note: The program will only be available to download worldwide for a few more days.

Update: The audio is no longer available at the earlier link but it is available, in two parts, on this page. Search the page or scroll down for “Vaccine Detectives.”

7 thoughts on “Researchers examine long-term effects of vitamins, vaccines on children’s immune systems

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  2. Avatar photoAnna Watson

    This is the first long term and statistically significant study undertaken to assess the true value of vaccines on our health. It mirrors what many parents have found, that their vaccinated children are not as healthy as subsequent un vaccinated ones.

    Professor Salisbury, Director of Immunization, UK told me that such studies had not been done because they would be too tricky to undertake.

    He also confirmed that vaccines are only ever tested with other vaccines! In other drug trials, placebos used should be benign… of course the ‘quality’ of placebos is not always detailed in safety studies and certainly should be, but in the case of vaccines, the placebo is NEVER benign.

    Well, that is unless the word benign means vaccine… Professor Salisbury was proud that ALL placebos are benign “pure and safe vaccines”.

    A growing number of parents and concerned health professionals have formed a network of currently 50 UK groups to discuss health issues around products such as vaccines. Please ask us!

    Anna Watson

  3. Avatar photoDuncan

    I went to the BBC website looking for this program and was informed that it is not available and would not be available due to “rights restrictions.”

    For many subjects I would accept this at face value but considering the prominence of the current “Wakefield fraud” new”, my skeptical mind wonders.

  4. Avatar photoPia Christensen

    Your skepticism is understood but some BBC programs are available online for only a limited time. When we posted this item, there was a note about when it would no longer be available, something we included in our blog post. It appears the BBC was just following its policy and that it was not based upon the subject matter.
    Thanks for your interest,
    Pia Christensen

  5. Avatar photoDuncan

    Thank for your explanation, Pia.

    Does anyone know how to access either a audio or a transcript of the program? I would very much like to find one or the other.

  6. Avatar photoDuncan

    Wonderful. Thank you again, Pia.

    This report is very interesting: at last some information that gets beyond the political “vaccines are great, vaccines are evil” impasse that is preventing an intelligent analysis.

    Here is an additional link that I came up with for Dr. Aaby that has a number of his papers listed:

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