Las Vegas Sun caps series by showing solutions

In the Las Vegas Sun reporter Marshall Allen wraps up his wide-ranging Do No Harm series on hospital quality by showing how Nevada hospitals could be approaching medical errors differently.

lasvegassunHis focus is the Seven Pillars program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which should be familiar to Covering Health readers. The key to the program is a commitment to admitting errors and discussing them with patients, an approach that improves the patient experience and reduces the risk of malpractice suits.

To cap off the series, the Las Vegas Sun included the thoughts of Allen’s boss, Publisher and Editor Brian Greenspun.


The Chicago chapter of AHCJ recently hosted a discussion about medical errors and transparency, which included David Mayer, M.D., who, with Tim McDonald, M.D., has co-founded an organization dedicated to the prevention of patient harm. Most recently, McDonald and Mayer were awarded a $3 million federal grant to implement and evaluate patient safety efforts on a larger scale. AHCJ members can read about the discussion and listen to Mayer’s comments.

Editor’s note:

Allen completed part of this series while on an AHCJ Media Fellowship on Health Performance, supported by the Commonwealth Fund

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