CEO uses cookie to avoid speaking to reporters

This week’s equivalent of “Don’t touch my junk” just might be “I’m eating my cookie.”

That was the response given by Dr. Stephen Duckett, the then-CEO of Alberta Health Services, to reporters who were asking him about problems with Canada’s health care system.

Duckett was leaving a meeting on Nov. 19 about fixing the health care system when reporters asked what he thought about criticism of Alberta Health Services.

When asked why he won’t stop and talk, he exclaims, “I’m still eating my cookie!”

The reporters offered to wait until he finished his cookie so he could comment but he instead responded with apparent irritation that “the media are not prepared to go to the media scrum,” a scheduled event that was scheduled to take place about 30 minutes after this confrontation.

Duckett has since been fired and three board members have quit in the wake of his dismissal.

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