Alzheimer’s and caregivers’ difficult decisions

Writing for the AARP Bulletin, Chris Woolston drills straight to the core of the pain felt by folks caring for family members with Alzheimer’s by exploring a pivotal moment: the decision to move a loved one to a full-time care facility.

It’s a rich, in-depth package, but you’d be shortchanging yourself if you didn’t enter it through this profile of a brawling coal miner and his wife, including a multimedia piece by Matt Slaby, who recounts the challenges of chronicling such a charged, personal experience.

Companion pieces include:

Help for Alzheimer’s Caregivers
The High Costs of Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients
How My Husband and I Dealt With Alzheimer’s
New Science Sheds Light on the Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease
Remembered: The Alzheimer’s photography project

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