Report examines health reform implementation

A special report just released by The American Prospect looks at the implementation of health care reform. For the wide-angle view, read Paul Starr’s road map of where the battle lines will be drawn in the implementation effort.

AHCJ members Joanne Kenen, Jonathan Cohn and Rebecca Ruiz contributed to the 12-part report. Cohn discussed the construction and implementation of insurance rules, Kenen looked at Connecticut’s push for a local public option and piecemeal reform implementation in individual states.

Other elements include:

  • Keith Wailoo’s evaluation of the pain management reform components of the bill, which amount to the promise that “we’ll look into it and maybe throw a little grant money in that direction.”
  • Maria Abascal examines how reform will impact immigrants, legal and illegal alike. Legal immigrants, which make up a substantial portion of the nation’s uninsured, stand to benefit — as long as they can prove citizenship. Illegal immigrants don’t.
  • Harold Pollack looks at health reform’s massive blind spot, the period between now and January 2014. Stopgap measures won’t be adequate for the majority of the uninsured, and Pollack pushes for an accelerated timetable.


A briefing from the Alliance for Health Reform, cosponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, looks at “50 Ways to Implement Health Reform: State Challenges and Federal Assistance.”

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