NAMC folds, qualified members invited to AHCJ


The National Association of Medical Communicators, an organization for medical broadcasters, writers, organizational spokespersons and health professionals who communicate with the public on a regular basis, has disbanded.

In a blog post about the decision, Barbara Ficarra, who was an NAMC board member and is a member of AHCJ, cites cutbacks from pharmaceutical sponsors and changes in the broadcast world. Ficarra, who says “I couldn’t walk away with trying to find a home for [NAMC’s] members,” has suggested that people involved with NAMC consider joining AHCJ.

“We’re all sorry to hear about NAMC’s difficult decision to disband,” said Charles Ornstein, AHCJ’s president. “For those NAMC members who write or broadcast health news and still seek the camaraderie of a professional home, AHCJ is a terrific hub for networking, learning, sharing and friendship. We have broadcast members from throughout the country and are always looking to offer additional opportunities in this area.”

Ornstein encouraged journalists to check out AHCJ’s membership categories.

Under AHCJ’s new membership guidelines approved earlier this year, some, but not all, NAMC members could qualify for professional or associate membership. At the same time, the guidelines reinforce the prohibition on people who do public relations work or pitch stories to journalists.

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Pia Christensen