New rules affect patients’ insurance appeals

Kaiser Health News’ Phil Galewitz and Michelle Andrews have an update on health care reform implementation, pointing out that new rules will give consumers the right to appeal insurance denials, first directly to the insurer and then to review boards. The rule doesn’t break new ground in most states – only five lack such regulations, and existing plans are “grandfathered in” under the old rules – but it may bring order to a chaotic national patchwork on insurance appeals. The White House estimates that, by next year, the rules will benefit about 41 million Americans insured either through employers or through individual plans. The administration is pushing states to implement the new standards by next July.

The new regulations take effect for plan years starting Sept. 23. But they won’t automatically apply to residents in states that have existing external review laws until next July. That’s to give states time to adjust to the new standards.

If states fail to change their rules by next July, their residents will then be able to rely on the federal standards. But federal officials are still working out the details of how that would be done.

Read the HHS press release here.

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