List reveals drugs U.S. consumers buy from Canada

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On the Los Angeles Times‘ Booster Shots blog, Jeannine Stein has located the Canadian International Pharmacy Association’s list of the top drugs purchased online by American customers in 2010.

The list swings heavily toward treatments for chronic conditions, with Plavix, Advair and Flomax topping the list. As Stein notes, international and online prescriptions are in dubious legal territory, but it’s right in Wikipedia’s wheelhouse and the site can point you to the relevant laws.

By the way, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association is an association of retail pharmacies that sell pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications in 90-day quantities to Canadian and U.S. citizens. The group might be a good source if you are writing about people in the United States buying drugs in Canada. The organization is certainly tracking news coverage of the topic.

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  1. Wellescent Health Forums

    It is not at all surprising that drugs for chronic conditions are the most commonly purchased given the high ongoing costs that they can represent for consumers. Unfortunately as long as price controls are in effect in Canada and not in the US, consumers will take the risk of making these online purchases despite the potential ramifications. What is worse is that consumers who are not savvy may well be taken in by suppliers claiming to operate out of Canada but who are instead selling counterfeit pharmaceuticals that can be ineffective or even dangerous.

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