Four reporters share tips on covering health reform

Pia Christensen

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Four journalists on the front lines of covering health care reform offer their advice and suggestions on what needs to be covered next and how to approach this complex topic.

Get tips from Laura Meckler, staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Trudy Lieberman, director of the health and medicine reporting program at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism; Jim Landers, Washington correspondent for The Dallas Morning News; and Noam Levey, health policy reporter for the Los Angeles Times/Tribune Washington Bureau. We plan to add suggestions from more reporters as they come in.

Our resource page also includes links to source documents, news stories, a contact list of sources and background on the health care debate.

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  1. Linda Austin

    These are all terrific journalists, and I commend the AHCJ for its resource page. I’ve referred visitors to our daily live chat on business stories to check it out. If you’ve got questions on the business side of health-care reform, you can pose them on April 6 at noon EDT to John Wasik, a veteran business journalist who is writing a book on health-care reform. This guest-hosted chat is available free on at
    You can read more about John here:
    Hope to see you there!

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