Majority of journalists are using social media

A survey by a George Washington University researcher and a public relations metrics firm found that reporters and editors rely heavily on social media. In case you haven’t seen any of the recent coverage, here are a few interesting numbers (pulled along with some accompanying text from the press release).

For research:

  • 89 percent use blogs
  • 65 percent use social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn
  • 52 percent use microblogging services such as Twitter
  • 61 percent use Wikipedia
  • 84 percent said social media sources were “slightly less” or “much less” reliable than traditional media
  • 49 percent said social media suffers from “lack of fact checking, verification and reporting standards”

    Reasons journalists use PR professionals

    • 44 percent use them for “interviews and access to sources and experts”
    • 23 percent use them for “answers to questions and targeted information”
    • 17 percent use them for “perspective, information in context, and background information”

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