NIH updates stimulus grant info, releases database

We’ve been waiting for this one. The National Institutes of Health have followed through on their promise to release a comprehensive database of NIH grants funded with stimulus money. The new data is up-to-date as of yesterday, you can find it on this page or go directly to the 13mb Excel file. The NIH’s stimulus transparency site has been quite good, in general, but inexplicably lacked key data fields and a way to export more than 500 (of 12,000+) grants at a time. The new database solves those issues.

For a quick picture of where the stimulus cash was headed, we grabbed data for all 50 states as well as D.C. and Puerto Rico, added some recent census estimates, and put together a few top 10 lists. Massachusetts, D.C. and California lead most categories, and per-capita numbers differ pretty significantly from absolute totals.

Which states (etc.) are getting the most NIH grant money?


And how does all of that money break down on a per-person basis?


What about individual NIH grants?


And what’s the per-capita on those?


These are just scratching the surface, the database has a separate entry for each grant, and it’s pretty easy to break it down by institution, research area and a number of other categories.

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