AHCJ members awarded fellowships, grants

AHCJ members Stephanie Innes, Peter Korn, Viji Sundaram and Megha Satyanarayana are among the 15 National Health Journalism Fellows and five Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism grantees who will attend the National Health Journalism seminar next week.

The six-day seminar will give the fellows and grantees a chance to learn more about health reporting and discuss their in-depth projects.

Innes, with Arizona Daily Star colleague Mariana Alvarado, will look at the link between obesity and socioeconomic standing.

Korn, of the Portland Tribune, is looking into a little-known and largely ignored Oregon law concerning written patient notification of “serious adverse events” in hospitals.

Sundaram, of New America Media, will look at how cultural practices can transcend borders and how enterprising businesses are building a market around these mores, with a focus on the growing number of fertility clinics that cater to many Asian cultures’ preference for a son.

Satyanarayana writes about consumer health, public health and poverty for the Detroit Free Press.

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