Reporting on the public option a topic of webcast

In a White House briefing on Tuesday, spokesman Robert Gibbs reiterated that that President Obama still prefers the public health insurance option in health care reform, despite increasing talk about alternatives.

talking_health_insuranceIn the most recent Talking Health webcast, AHCJ president Trudy Lieberman discussed the public plan option with Cathy Schoen, senior vice president for research and evaluation at The Commonwealth Fund, and Bruce M. Bullen, chief operating officer of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

They offered their judgments on what we can expect. Two journalists who have covered the topic extensively, Los Angeles Times reporter Noam Levey and New York Times reporter Reed Abelson, provided their insights and suggestions for covering what will be a major story in the coming months.

Man-on-the-street interviews, recorded in April, revealed that few people really understood what a public plan is and how it might differ from a private plan.

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