Reporters miss crucial detail about Lewin Group

The Lewin Group, which refers to itself as “a leading health care policy and management consulting firm,” has launched a Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research that is expected to offer research “for use by policy makers, researchers, health care providers and others to improve patient care and optimize resources.”

Some reporters writing about this development, and other issues, are still referring to the Lewin Group as a nonpartisan organization, yet AHCJ president Trudy Lieberman pointed out in April that the group is ultimately part of United Healthcare Group, a major insurance company. Lieberman turned up evidence indicating that there may be no formal protections in place for Lewin Group’s editorial independence.

However, in recent stories, ABC News, The Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, KPCC, a southern California public radio station, and other news outlets continue to describe the Lewin Group as “nonpartisan.” And, while the Lewin Group does refer to itself as “objective,” it’s probably not a good idea to overlook their corporate ties entirely.

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