Government a ‘game changer’ in health IT

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Andrew Van Dam of The Wall Street Journal previously worked at the AHCJ offices while earning his master’s degree at the Missouri School of Journalism.

In the knowledge management magazine KM World, Nancy Davis Kho evaluates the Obama administration’s push for health information technology, focusing on the impact this new market will have on information technology businesses.

The stimulus package signed by Obama during his first month in office includes $19.2 billion for HIT and established the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology within the Health and Human Services Department. The government involvement is a “total game changer,” said the president and CEO of the country’s largest health care association focused on information technology.

Veteran and new businesses alike are looking at how to use technology to improve health care delivery outcomes and lower costs.

Kho’s report takes stock of the HIT industry and specifically how the major players, from GE Healthcare to Google, are positioning themselves to take advantage of the billions in stimulus money poised to flow into the industry. It discusses electronic health records, social media tools, the use of mobile devices to deliver information to doctors and decision support tools.

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