Politico names movers and shakers in health reform

Politico‘s Carrie Budoff Brown profiled four lesser-known movers and shakers in the coming brawl over health care reform (as well as a fifth party, the anecdotes of regular Americans being amassed as weapons on both sides), saying that the massive effort may be decided by these smaller names rather than the well-known heavyweights. One of the heaviest of those weights, Sen. Chuck Grassley, also weighs in, letting folks know just how bipartisan health reform might be possible.

The four folks Brown profiled:

  • Congressional Budget Office director Doug Elmendorf, whose financial estimates could make or break the plan
  • Unorthodox labor organizer Dennis Rivera, who’s organizing a nuts-and-bolts campaign for reform
  • Health reform veteran and Baucus aide Liz Folwer, who will handle much behind-the-scenes wrangling
  • Stimulus fraud cop Earl Devaney, who could create an AIG-like circus should he discover anything shady

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