Medical conference Twittering reveals strategies

Attendees at the 29th Annual Medical Communications Conference Twittered about sessions held yesterday, the first day of the event.

“Medical Journalism 101” was among the first panels of the day and some of the information shared was interesting, particularly things that were Twittered about a presentation by Clinton Colmenares, the national news strategist at the University of North Carolina Health Care System and UNC’s School of Medicine.

Later in the day, Sanjay Gupta, M.D., of CNN was presented with the Health Communications Achievement Award and commented on the opening for a surgeon general.

Today’s sessions include

  • Exploiting the “NEW” New Media and the “OLD”, New Media
  • Web Content Strategy: Writing for SEO and Web Users
  • It’s Not As Easy as it Looks: On Camera Interviewing Skills
  • Twitter MD: Unleashing the Power of Social Media to Build Your Brand Online and Beyond
  • Mastering the Television News Interview
  • Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Widgets, Web Portals and Webinars
  • How to Get a Book Published; a Practical Guide to Getting Started
  • Advanced Media Training: On Camera Practice to Learn the Tricks the Pros Use to Keep Their Heads above Water and Go into Any Interview with Confidence

Follow what conference attendees have to say on Twitter.

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