First chapters of latest sourcebook are online

Confused about covering health issues? The Alliance for Health Reform, a nonprofit that bills itself as nonpartisan health policy education group, is in the process of releasing a new guidebook for journalists who want background on the pressing matters of the day.

The 5th edition of Covering Health Issues: A Sourcebook for Journalists will eventually have 12 chapters online that tackle employer-sponsored coverage, individual coverage, children’s coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, disparities, public health and mental health, among other things.

So far, three chapters are available: health reform, cost of health care and quality of care. The organization hopes journalists will find useful the various ‘fast facts;’ background information; story ideas; expert contact info; Web site suggestions; opinion polls and tips for understanding congressional budgeting and the appropriations process.

As with previous editions, the latest was funded with underwriting from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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