Bedbug complaints proliferate in New York City

Bedbug complaints are on the rise in the Big Apple, reports Adam Lisberg in the New York Daily News. Complaints have increased 34 percent in the most recent fiscal year, Lisberg said. According to Lisberg, the almost-10,000 complaints an advocacy group found through a Freedom of Information request probably understate the problem, because many folks call the exterminator instead of the city.

Several central Brooklyn neighborhoods are among the worst hit, with spikes also hitting parts of the Bronx, midtown Manhattan and Queens.

“Not all exterminators know how to spot and treat bedbugs, and critics say the city doesn’t do enough to stop infected mattresses from being reused. Some victims may be too embarrassed to seek help, and some small landlords may not be able to afford a competent exterminator, advocates say.”

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