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AHCJ arranges mentoring at conference

Are you new to the health beat? Need some tips on beginning or completing a specific story? Just want feedback on some of the work you've recently completed? Some experienced health care journalists have generously agreed to offer one-on-one coaching to newer reporters on the beat who will be attending Health Journalism 2011 in Philadelphia.

These sessions are not for job seekers; they are meant to improve your work.

As much as possible, mentors will be linked to mentees with common interest areas. For example, a business health writer will be linked with someone with a business background, a science writer with a peer who has a science background, etc. 

During the conference, mentors and mentees will meet at or near our conference hotel-at a location and time you agree upon. There are a limited number of available mentors, so we will arrange these introductions on a first-come, first-served basis.

AHCJ will provide contact information for mentor/mentee pairings shortly before the conference to allow mentors and mentees to select convenient times to meet. There are plenty of casual seating areas scattered around the hotel, as well as a coffee bar. Mentees should be prepared to send mentors copies of some clips and/or discussion topics before their meetings to make their discussions more fruitful.

If you are interested, first make sure you are registered for the conference.

Then send an e-mail to, with your name, any affiliation, phone number, number of years in health journalism and in 100 words or less provide a description of your current job and what help you are looking for from a mentor.

If selected, mentors will connect with you via e-mail or phone call shortly before the conference to arrange a meeting.

If you have other questions, e-mail