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John ListerJohn Lister, the European web coordinator of AHCJ's focus on Europe, has been a journalist for 35 years, specialising in reporting health policy in England. He is a part-time senior lecturer at Coventry University where he teaches a graduate-level course in health journalism, as well as other journalism courses and a course in health policy. In 2004, Lister achieved a doctorate in international health policy.

Lister lives in Oxford, England, and is a member of the National Union of Journalists, the Medical Journalists Association, the Guild of Health Writers, and the International Association of Health Policy in Europe, as well as the Association of Health Care Journalists.

He has published two books since 2005. "Health Policy Reform: Driving the Wrong Way?," a critique of market-style reforms to health care systems internationally, also was published in Turkish. In 2008 a critical history of the British National Health Service, "The NHS After 60: for Patients or Profits?," was published and won the 2009 Tony Thistlethwaite award from the Medical Journalists Association in the UK.