AHCJ member benefit: Health Affairs

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Health Affairs is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to health policy, much the same way JAMA is devoted to medical science. The journal is nonpartisan and covers both domestic U.S. and international issues. More than half of congressional staff on committees that oversee health care consult Health Affairs, and its articles have been cited in congressional testimony more than any other policy journal.

It is published six times a year by Project Hope, a charity organization started in 1958 with a donated U.S. Navy hospital ship. The journal also publishes articles on its Web site about once a week. The 25-year archive is online and includes every article ever published.

Recently published articles include:

  • Uncertainty About DACA May Undermine Its Positive Impact On Health For Recipients And Their Children

  • Loss Of SNAP Is Associated With Food Insecurity And Poor Health In Working Families With Young Children

  • Consumer-Facing Data, Information, And Tools: Self-Management Of Health In The Digital Age

  • Consumers’ Responses To Surprise Medical Bills In Elective Situations

  • A Transitioning Epidemic: How The Opioid Crisis Is Driving The Rise In Hepatitis C

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