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Health Journalism 2007: Resources

Health Journalism 2007 logoLos Angeles, March 15-18

We will be posting webcasts, podcasts, photos, tip sheets, handouts and other materials on this page over the next few days and weeks. Please keep checking back for more resources from the conference.

SLIDE SHOW - Some scenes from the conference


Breaking news conference: End-of-life care - Racial and ethnic differences
[ Podcast ]
• Mark D. Smith, president/CEO, California HealthCare Foundation

Covering kids: Health coverage for low-income children
[ Webcast | Podcast ]
• Barbara Lyons, vice president/deputy director, Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Kaiser Family Foundation
• Cindy Mann, research professor, Health Policy Institute of Georgetown University
• Alice Kuo, assistant professor, director, Community Health and Advocacy Training Program, UCLA
• Moderator: Rebecca Adams, senior writer, CQ Weekly

Luncheon Roundtable: Hollywood and Health
[ Webcast | Podcast ]

• Neal Baer, M.D., executive producer, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
• Elizabeth Klaviter, director of medical research, Grey's Anatomy
• Vicky Rideout, director, Program for the Study of Entertainment Media and Health, Kaiser Family Foundation
• David Foster, M.D., writer for House, M.D.
• Jason Thompson, portrays Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital
• Kimberly McCullough, portrays Dr. Robin Scorpio on General Hospital
Moderator: Andrew Holtz, M.P.H., author of The Medical Science of House

Newsmaker Briefing: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his health team discuss health-care policy in California and its implications nationally.
• Schwarzenegger: [ Webcast | Podcast ]
• Health team: [ Webcast | Podcast ]

The impact of continued Medicaid cost cutting
[ Webcast | Podcast ]

• Jon Gilwee, senior director, Government Healthcare Programs, University of California, Irvine
• Patrick T. Dowling, M.D., chair, Family Medicine, UCLA
• Therese A. Hughes, government relations, Venice Family Clinic
Moderator: Andy Miller, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Awards luncheon
Keynote: Steve Case, Revolution Health Group
[ Webcast | Podcast ]

Plenary: Stem cell policy
[ Webcast | Podcast ]

Introduction. Peter J. Donovan, developmental biologist and interim co-director, Stem Cell Research Center, University of California, Irvine
• Deborah V. Ortiz, former chair of the state Senate Health Committee
• Zach W. Hall, president, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
• Susan V. Bryant, Ph.D., vice chancellor of research, University of California, Irvine and member, Independent Citizens Oversight Commission for state stem cell research
Moderator: Mary Engel, health care writer, Los Angeles Times


Workshop: Medicine 101: Words, numbers and journals
• Barbara Gastel, M.D., coordinator, Science Journalism Program, Texas A&M University [Presentation]
• Roy M. Pitkin, M.D., editor emeritus, Obstetrics & Gynecology; professor emeritus, UCLA [Presentation]
• Tom Lang, author, How to Report Statistics in Medicine: Annotated Guidelines for Authors, Editors and Reviewers [Presentations: Risk, rates and ratios | Statistical errors]
Moderator: Susan Brink, health reporter, Los Angeles Times

Workshop: Covering health in a multicultural society
• Instructor: Brian Henderson, M.D., dean of Keck School of Medicine of USC [Presentation]
• Instructor: Andrea Carrión, reporter, Hoy, Los Angeles
• Instructor: Andrew Holtz, independent journalist, Portland, Ore.; AHCJ board member [Presentation]
• Instructor: Sue Rochman, San Francisco-based freelance journalist
• Instructor/Moderator: Sheree Crute, independent journalist, Brooklyn, N.Y.; editor of AHCJ’s “Covering Health in a Multicultural Society”

Panel: Turning your story into a book
• Betsy Amster, agent, Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles [Tip Sheet]
• Jonathan Cohn, author, Sick: The Untold Story of America's Health Care Crisis — And The People Who Pay The Price (HarperCollins)
• Eric Lasher, agent, The LA Literary Agency, Los Angeles
Moderator: Maryn McKenna, Kaiser Media Fellow and author, Beating Back the Devil: On the Front Lines with the Disease Detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service

Class: Tools for covering nursing homes [Tip Sheet]
Instructor: Trudy Lieberman, director, Health and Medicine Reporting Program, City University of New York
Instructor: Charles Bell, programs coordinator, Consumers Union
Instructor: Charlene Harrington, Ph.D., R.N., associate director, Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, University of California, San Francisco

Genetics of prostate and breast cancer

Covering health in a multicultural society

Understanding medical publications

Statistical errors even you can find

What you need to know about risks, rates and ratios

Medicine 101: Words, numbers and journals

How to write a successful book

Consumer-Directed Health Plans: What are they and what do we know about their effects?

Cervical cancer prevention strategies for Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Increasing access to antiretroviral therapy and HPV vaccines

Impact of Medicaid cost cutting: Thoughts from a provider

Impact of continued Medicaid cost cutting - Venice Family Clinic

Narrative medical journalism: Through Hell and High Water

Stem cell research in California

Autism 101

Using the immune system to treat brain tumors

A new model of care for Los Angeles’ uninsured children

Children’s coverage: Progress and challenges

Key issues in SCHIP reauthorization

Improving patient safety through health information technology

Updates: HIV/AIDS - A Potpourri of Clinical Aspects

Reporting on HIV in Africa

Hollywood and Health: Entertainment media as a health information source

Maintaining vitality: The promise and perils of testosterone

The health of America’s minority populations - Kimlin Tam Ashing-Giwa

The health of America's minority populations - Michael V. Drake

Integrative East-West medicine: Bridging the cultural divide

Patient- and family-centered care

Patient-centered care: Susan Frampton

Patient-centered care: How well are hospitals doing? What does it take?

Mental health issues in OIF/OEF veterans

PTSD in veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq

Public health crisis preparation: Following the money

Public health crisis preparation: Linda Rosenstock

Is your city, county or state ready for a biological attack or major infectious disease outbreak?

Conquering infectious diseases

The workplace in disease prevention: Susan Heller

Corporate wellness

Wellness initiative: UCLA Hospital System