International Health Journalism: African resources

These resources can enable journalists to find information. To contribute additional sources or suggest a relevant health topic, send a few lines of explanation and the URL to Although these sources are in English, please let us know of good sources in other languages.

Accordia Global Health Foundation
Accordia aims to overcome the burden of infectious diseases in Africa by building healthcare capacity and strengthening academic medical institutions.

African Health Journalists Association
AHJA provides resources and promotes media coverage that improve the lives of Africans. 

African Health and Medicine on the Internet
Stanford University's database of African health resources contains links to journals, NGOs, and news services covering African health.

The African Health Policy Network
AHPN works to improve the health and wellbeing of the UK’s African population and to reduce health inequalities, and also releases reports and publication on their health statuses.

The African Regional Health Report: The Health of the People (WHO)
Go to the bottom of the page to download this comprehensive analysis of key public health issues in Africa and progress made on them.

African Regional Sexuality Resource Centre
ARSRC promotes a better understanding of human sexuality and provides a library of sexuality resources in Africa.

African Solutions to African Problems
ASAP supports grassroots organizations of women running drop-in centers for orphans and children made vulnerable by AIDS in South Africa.

AFRO: World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa
This branch of WHO provides support and leadership on health campaigns in Africa, and also issues reports on health issues in Africa.

AllAfrica: Health
The AllAfrica news service aggregates, produces and distributes daily news from over 130 African news organizations and AllAfrica reporters to a global public. 

Botsogo INFO
The Botswana Ministry of Health provides access to multimedia health information and health campaigns in Botswana.

The South Africa Health News Service
This news service provides information on HIV/AIDS, public health, health policy and other issues to South Africa's media outlets.

Sesame Street in Africa: Takalani Sesame and Kilimani Sesame
These local versions of Sesame Street from South Africa and Tanzania educate children about African-specific health issues, such as malaria and HIV. Takalani Sesame features an 5-year-old HIV-positive muppet. 

This is the U.S. government initiative to help save the lives of those suffering from HIV/AIDS around the world. It’s the largest commitment by any nation to combat a single disease internationally, and has a large presence in Africa.