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Health IT editor shares top trends to follow in 2023

Colin Hung

What health IT trends should reporters look out for in 2023? I spoke with Colin Hung, chief marketing officer and editor of Healthcare IT Today, for insight. 

This year, look for hospitals to roll out the red carpet in efforts to woo patients back into their physical spaces, and a rightsizing of telehealth, Hung said. His comments may spur additional story ideas for journalists.

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These health tech buzzwords are out; cost control is in, so say investors

fitness-trackerWellness apps. Wearables. Middleware. Big data.

These buzzwords circulating around the health tech world are out, so declared a panel of health investors last week.

Products that reduce costs and/or improve efficiencies are in, they said.

The shift was striking after years of direct-to-consumer and wellness applications taking center stage at tech confabs and in the media.

Health reporters get pitches on digital health products all the time. Keeping up with what investors are looking for in new products and technologies can help us gauge the value of the pitch. Continue reading

CEO’s predictions about health IT offers some guidance for reporters

Photo: Army Medicine via Flickr

Photo: Army Medicine via Flickr

Can technology save us? It’s among several questions on a lot of people’s minds these days. Can technology save us from rising health costs? Can technology save Medicare by reducing costs to the program? Can technology help our veterans gain better access to care? Can technology help people take control of their health decisions?

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Report provides trove of story ideas, data on aging

Photo: U.S. National Archives via Flickr

Photo: U.S. National Archives via Flickr

May is Older Americans Month, which coincides with the Administration for Community Living’s annual profile of Americans over age 65. Their most recent report, Profile of Older Americans, 2014, tracks trends in aging from 2003 through 2013.

Not only is the data itself interesting – did you know nearly 70,000 Americans were over age 100 in 2013? – but the report provides a wealth of angles reporters can localize to advance discussion of aging issues in their community. Continue reading