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Reporter’s follow-up on dental reconstruction reveals the importance of a healthy smile

It was more than two years ago that Marc Ramirez offered the first part of the story to readers of The Dallas Morning News. Last month they got an update on the tale of a young woman and her smile.

“Robina Rayamajhi used to practice smiling with her lips closed, so self-conscious was she about the turmoil that lay behind,” Ramirez explained in October 2011.

Though legally blind, the University of North Texas student was excelling in school. Her heart was set on becoming a lawyer, Ramirez noted. But severe dental problems left unaddressed in her native Nepal were impacting her health, as well as her confidence.

The young woman had an underdeveloped jaw, which caused crowding among the teeth that had grown in. Meanwhile, other teeth were missing.

“Some teeth seemed too big, others too small. Another seemed totally superfluous. Her lips couldn’t comfortably close, and she constantly bit her tongue,” Ramirez wrote. Her gums were often inflamed. And she was shy about her appearance.

“Smiles are the green lights of human interaction. They lift moods, enhance beauty, indicate approachability,” Ramirez observed. Rayamajhi’s smile was holding her back. Continue reading