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Is community research oversight flawed?

America’s 400-plus designated Community Research Sites receive much less attention than the massive academic research hospitals, but conduct the bulk of the nation’s cancer research.

The New York Times’ Duff Wilson turns the spotlight on these sites, considering problems an HHS investigation uncovered at an institution in Urbana, Ill., that may show that oversight is lacking and “the community centers may not always be adhering to the rigorous protocols of research medicine that the National Cancer Institute expects them to follow.”

If that’s true, Wilson writes, it will draw the very validity of many research conclusions into question. If you’re curious about the specific nature of the research site’s violations rather than the larger systemic implications, check out the second page of Wilson’s story.

Premature coverage of abstracts troublesome

Gary Schwitzer of the University of Minnesota writes about what he calls a “troubling trend:” Reporters are writing articles based upon abstracts for a meeting that hasn’t been held yet.

As Schwitzer points out, this allows companies to make claims about their research without reporters being able to examine all the data and get independent sources to comment on the findings.

Schwitzer goes into more detail and links to some of the stories in question.