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CPI to absorb Huffington Post Fund, health focus to continue

The New York Times‘ Tanzina Vega reports that two major news nonprofits, both regulars on this blog, are joining forces to create a heavyweight investigative unit with deep roots in the nation’s capital. The Center for Public Integrity, who we praised most recently for the wide-ranging asbestos investigation they did with the BBC, will absorb the Huffington Post Investigative Fund, which was founded last year. The HuffPo crew will bring with them $2 million in grant money, Vega reported.

Huffington Post Investigative Fund reporters Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz have come up often in this space, thanks to their dogged coverage of health information technology and the ARRA. Editor Keith Epstein told AHCJ, via e-mail, that the combined organization will build on their efforts.

We’re going to have a strong emphasis on health reporting generally, and we’re excited that part of that emphasis will be continued and even enhanced examinations of the nation’s deployment of stimulus-fueled health information technology.

Schulte, Schwartz look for help investigating HIT

Regular readers know that we always keep an eye out for updates from Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz, the duo from the Huffington Post Investigative fund that refuses to let the Obama administration’s push for health information technology proceed without scrutiny. This time, they’re following up on past work with stories on HIT-related errors and the FDA’s role (or lack thereof) in the policing of HIT.

Photo by brianjmatis via Flickr.

Their most interesting update, however, concerns their effort to get HIT-related “adverse events” data from the FDA. Schwartz describes the difficulties they’ve run into, how they’ve overcome them, and how readers can help them put the whole puzzle together. It’s an interesting strategy, and an equally interesting primer on the FDA’s tricky “Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience,” or MAUDE, database. You can also find their own version of the data here, courtesy of Amanda Zamora.

Attending Health Journalism 2010?

Schulte will be speaking about “Tracking health-related stimulus money” during a panel at 4:15 p.m. on Friday. His co-panelists will be ProPublica reporter Michael Grabell and Phil Galewitz, a Kaiser Health News reporter and AHCJ board member.

On Sunday morning, don’t miss the panel “Personal electronic medical records: What will consumers need to know?” featuring:

  • Steve Gray, partner, Affiliated Computer Services Healthcare Solutions
  • Bala Hota, M.D., M.P.H., chief medical information officer, Cook County Health and Hospital System
  • Thomas Layden, M.D., chief, Department of Internal Medicine; professor of medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Moderator: Prerna Mona Khanna, M.D., M.P.H.. visiting clinical associate professor, University of Illinois College of Medicine