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Reading lists for health care journalists

In her column for Generations Beat Online, AHCJ member Eileen Beal offers a reading list for health journalists and focuses on two books in particular that she believes will help prepare reporters for the first wave of baby boomers, which will hit Medicare next year (scroll down to item 4, “Beal’s Beat”).

bookPhoto by Beverly & Pack via Flickr.

The subjects these books cover, doctors’ decisions and statistics, are broad enough to be useful to even those journalists not focused on aging coverage.

Her suggestions include “How Doctors Think,” by Harvard professor and oncologist Jerome Groopman, and “Know Your Chances: Understanding Health Statistics.

In an e-mail separate from her column, Beal pointed out that Covering Health readers also might be interested in an edited, ranked and extensive list of health resource books compiled by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that includes general and specific offerings.