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Dozens of freelancers participate in AHCJ’s second virtual PitchFest

AHCJ’s second virtual PitchFest was held late last month with 67 freelance members participating. Writers pitched their ideas to top health editors from 21 publications, including AARP, Discover Magazine, Kaiser Health News, National Geographic, The New York Times and Scientific American.

Freelancers signed up in advance for 10-minute sessions with editors. These meetups allowed them to pitch a story idea and better understand the types of stories editors want today. Both sides welcomed the opportunity to get to know one another and consider assignments.

“I’ve always appreciated all the work and organization that must go into PitchFest to make it run so smoothly. Last year I had no idea how things would go when PitchFest moved online, but I ended up loving the accessibility and increased privacy (and I am still writing for one of the editors I met there!). I found this year’s new platform even easier to use. But I’m still looking forward to the next in-person event,” said Sheila M. Eldred, an independent journalist in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The one-on-one dynamics of the in-person event translated well to the online format, especially for Elizabeth Devita Raeburn, executive editor at Everyday Health, who calls herself an “extroverted introvert.”

“I love PitchFest, not only because it’s a pragmatic way to recruit new writers (and I always need them), but because it’s a novel way to get to know people in the field who I might not otherwise have encountered,” Raeburn said. “I’m looking forward to seeing all my people in person when AHCJ goes live again.”

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Editors already on board for virtual PitchFest, set for Oct. 27-28

Although Health Journalism has been postponed until 2022, PitchFest is a go — in a virtual format like last year’s event.

Here is how PitchFest will work: The event will take place over two days, Wednesday, October 27, and Thursday, October 28, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Participating editors will choose two-hour slots. Some may choose two consecutive hours, while others may select 30-minute slots that work best for their schedule. They may also choose to schedule slots on both days.

Each participant will have up to 10 minutes with each editor. Appointments will be 10 minutes without a break between appointments. Participants will have to keep careful watch on the time and start wrapping up pitches at 8 minutes, so everyone can remain on time. Continue reading

Get ready to take part in AHCJ’s first Virtual Freelance PitchFest

Photo: Pia Christensen/AHCJEditors met with more than 60 freelance journalists seeking assignments at the Freelance PitchFest at Health Journalism 2016.

AHCJ’s annual Freelance PitchFest is going virtual for 2020.

With our annual conference having been postponed, AHCJ has searched for a way to replicate the opportunity for independent journalists to connect with editors and pitch stories to them.

We are happy to announce that editors from some of the top magazines and newspapers have agreed to go virtual to meet you for the AHCJ Virtual PitchFest. This session has been created to give you an opportunity to pitch your ideas one-on-one with editors from selected publications. Continue reading