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Survey reveals how much patient privacy is at risk

Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz of the Huffington Post Investigative Fund report on a survey in which 75 percent of health organization say patients’ medical records were put at “risk of improper disclosure.”

The study, done for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, also revealed that half of the people surveyed said they had “no plan in place to respond to security threats and many of them indicated that they are spending ‘little additional resources’ to combat the problem.”

While the federal stimulus package includes provisions to enhance the security and privacy of medical information, the survey found that many hospitals do not have and do not use tools to encrypt the data when it is stored or when it is sent over the Internet.

Schulte discussed the report on NPR’s Weekend Edition. The survey also was the subject of an iHealthBeat special report, featuring a health information technology officer, a representative of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, the HHS deputy director of health information privacy and a patient advocate.

The full report is available from ID Experts but does require free registration.