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Stories are waiting to be found in new stats on seniors

Older Americans 2012, a new report from the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, is an important resource for reporters on the aging beat.

Core Topics
Health Reform
Other Topics

It’s an overview of all kinds of issues affecting older adults based on data from 2009, the latest available. As such, it doesn’t reflect the full impact of the economic downturn on older Americans. But it’s still full of nuggets of interesting information.

Some items that caught my eye:

  • Fewer seniors are living in poverty. Between 1974 and 2010, the proportion of older adults with incomes below the poverty threshold fell from 15 percent to 9 percent.
  • More seniors now fall in the “high income” category. During the time period specified above, well-off older adults expanded from 18 percent to 31 percent.

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